Art outsourcing services

With our extensive team of international talented Art Directors, Concept Artists, Directors, Illustrators, 3D Artists and Animators, we can handle mostly any kind of work in the Art field for video games, movies, music videos and new technologies in the entertainment industry.


GamecoStudios illustration services include marketing, packshot and trading card games illustration. More than a thousand illustrations has been done on AAA projects for many different clients.

Concept Art

From small to AAA project, GamecoStudios can handle all your concept Art needs, like mood boards, characters, environments and props design. Our smooth 3 steps approval process, allow both flexibility and reasonable prices.

3D Assets

We provide full 3D services for 3D assets, both realtime ingame assets or hi polygon version for FMV. We have specialists for all your needs : characters, environments, architecture, or props.

3D Animation

Like for 3D Art, we provide 3D animation services for real-time animation banks, or FMV, trailers or animated short animations. We use to work with classical keyframe or motion capture technics.

Movies, full motion videos and trailers

With dozens of movies for major publishers in his track record, GamecoStudios has proven an expertise in this domain. We can bring you a full service including storyboard, 3D modeling and texturing, animation, lightning, rendering, compositing, visual FX, sound design and music.

If you find any of the above services usefull for your project, contact us now, we will get back to you quickly.

We offer rapid reply, free project estimates and 50% discount on test assets.