Video game Art and 3D Outsourcing company

Art outsourcing studio providing premium quality digital Art for the entertainment and video game industry. With a broad range of services including concept Art, illustration, 3D modeling , animation, trailers and Full motion videos.

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GamecoStudios is your Premium digital and video game Art outsourcing company

Services including concept Art, illustration, 3D modeling , animation, trailers and FMV.

Founded in 2002, our impressive track record include video games companies like Ubisoft,¬† Namco-Bandai, DeNA, Epic games… , New technologies companies like, AMD, Sagem, ST microelectronics, as well as broadcast and serious games companies.


Check out our 2014 concept Art and 3D Portfolio.

Years of experience,

Project achieved for

Loyal Clients from

different countries

Some of our clients references


  • Arkane studio
  • Atari
  • Bongfish GmbH
  • Cyanide
  • Eden games
  • Elsewhere
  • Eugen Systems
  • Gameloft


  • Mindscape
  • MRM worlwide
  • Nadeo
  • Namco-Bandai
  • NCsoft
  • Pretty Simple Games
  • Sagemcom


  • Simbin
  • SMOBY interactive
  • Spellborn
  • ST Electronics
  • Subversive games
  • Ubisoft entertainment
  • Universal music
  • Virtuos games


  • Visual Impact
  • Vivendi Games Europe
  • Vivendi Universal Publishing
  • Widescreen games
  • Wizarbox
  • Advanced Micro Devices – AMD
  • Blue Byte GmbH
  • DeNa


What our Clients says about us


” Worked with Game Consulting on a number of projects and was always happy of their professionalism and motivation ! “

Nouredine Abboud

Senior Producer, Ubisoft

” I’ve worked with GameCo for many years on a variety of projects covering very different genres. Great art house with talented professionals, but more importantly, good people. “

Chris Lee

Creative Director, ngmoco:) 1st party global, DeNA

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